Chris G

My wife and I relocated to Atlanta due to work commitments, but before we left, we searched tirelessly for a good property management company to take over our property while we were gone. The first property management we used changed management and the quality of services went on a downward spiral. Though I dreaded the transition process of switching managements, it had to be done immediately. I wanted a company that would keep me in the know of everything that was going on with my property while reducing the extra workload. A friend recommended Valley Realty and from the first conversation we had with the account manager, we did feel that we would be taken care of as desired. A year later, we've continually seen the significant commitment and sacrifice they put in their services. All issues are resolved fast enough, and they always keep me informed and up to date with my property. They are well organized making it real easy for us to be out of town property owners. Anyone would be lucky to have this team of great people handle their property management and real estate sale/rental properties.