Carolina O’Toole

I've been with Valley Realty ever since I became owner of our rental since 2010. I started with the former owner Mike who was such a pleasure to work with. At first I was saddened that Mike decided to retire and had to turn over the business to Nate, current owner. I thought there's no way Nate could do better than Mike. I was wrong. Nate has been very professional, responsive and detailed in running the company. Whenever I had questions I called Nate and he was always there to address any question I had. Nate is a good listener which I think a formula for a successful business. I had a great pleasure to spoke to Joy Austin, one of the managers, today. She's a good example of professionalism and quality staff at Valley Realty. She explained expectations on move out and move in protocol with such firmness but gentle. Thank you Joy. Should you look for a property manager or a management company to rent from Valley Realty I suggest you call Valley Realty and for sure you will have the same experience as I have whether you're an owner or tenant.